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Shellie & Billy

A little about Shellie
She is Billy Blanks daughter and like her father is an accomplished martial artist. Not only did she win many martial art competitions at an early age, she is also know for being the first yellow power ranger. By the time she was 14 years old she had already won
the Jiu Jitsu World Championships and a Gold Medal at the Junior Olympics for Full Contact Sparring.

I've met Shellie
On the occassions that Ihad the pleasure of meeting Shellie I always found her to be charming, pleasant, dynamic and very commited to Tae Bo® Fitness.
I've survived her work outs and let me tell you something - she will make you sweat! She a sincere and is truly a great person and wonderful Tae Bo® Fitness instructor.

Tae Bo® Tae-Bo® Fitness and Shellie's involvement
Shellie has been at her father's side since the inception of Tae Bo, which he father invented. She is now all grown up, married with children, and is known as Shellie Blanks Cimarosti. She remians very involved in Tae Bo and continues to be at her father's side and is an integral part of the Tae Bo philosophy of fitness and exercise.

According to her "Team Tae Bo® website "Shellie travels internationally, training, instructing and demonstrating the world-renowned fitness technique of Tae Bo®, created by her father, Billy Blanks. One of her greatest enjoyments of spreading the goodwill of Tae Bo® Fitness has been traveling overseas to work with members of the U.S. Armed Forces in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Spain, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Greece, Africa, Germany, Italy and many locations throughout the United States."

Tae Bo
To find out more about Tae-Bo® Fitness click HERE...


Shellie y Yo
Shellie & Me!
Circa March 29th, 2009
Billy Blanks® Studios,
West Lake Village, California

Go Pats!
Go Pats!

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